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Introducing… The Corporate Butt™

Sir Mix-A-Lot spotlighted big butts in the 90’s in his famous song, Baby Got Back. 
“I like big butts”…but let’s talk about this topic because things are changing.

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Corporate Butts™ are what’s in!

Now don’t get us wrong, Sir Mix-a-Lot has a point as many women out there like big butts and there is nothing wrong with that. But what we see trending in our practice, is women moving away from wanting the excessive derrière to a subtle, rounded butt that we have coined “The Corporate Butt™”.

We see patients wanting their current “billboard butts” reduced to our Corporate Butts™. 

Or for a first time patient, we see people asking for a subtle size and not the “big butts” Sir Mix-a-Lot spoke about. 

Rest assured, you are not alone in this trend and we read you loud and clear. 

Dr. Matlock was instrumental in popularizing Brazilian Butt Augmentation/Lift on the hit reality TV show Dr. 90210 from 2004-2008. It was a national program that was also syndicated to 22 countries. Dr. Matlock featured the procedure many times on the show as well as his other trademarked procedures. In fact, Dr. Matlock took his Brazilian Butt Augmentation/lift techniques very seriously by traveling to Brazil over 17 times and he became fluent in Portuguese. Based upon his first-hand knowledge he perfected the art of Brazilian Butt Augmentation by creating what he learned from the source, the beautiful women of Brazil.

Brazilian women dancing in costumes showing

What makes the Brazilian woman different in terms of butts? Their butts are like a perfect bowl. The perfect butt should be like a bowl, top to bottom and side to side. As with all art you don’t just focus on the primary subject matter but the whole picture.

Dr. Matlock learned that the path to a perfect butt first comes with sculpturing out the most aesthetically pleasing butt. This requires bringing down the waist especially above the butt because we want the butt to come up and end, not continuing up the back. Many times, this requires reducing the sacral area because someone with a nice butt doesn’t have a fatty sacral area.

With this in mind, most commonly we would do liposculpturing of the abdomen, waist (love handles), bra area, sacral as well as other desired areas to obtain the necessary fat to augment the butt. Our technique results in 95% live fat for transfer. According to our patients, 85-95% of the transferred fat is retained. We inject into the top, middle and bottom buttock fat layers to obtain the desired result the patient wants. 

First and foremost, you have to know beautiful butts before you can create a beautiful butt. You have to understand what the patient is bringing to the table so to speak. All butts are not the same and people requesting enhancement (Brazilian Butt Augmentation/Lift) require knowing what deficiencies their buttock has in order to get that “bowl”. This is where Dr. Matlock comes in and is able to visualize and draw a canvas. This assessment is extremely important to get correct especially when you have a patient who may have limited fat for the augmentation.

Let’s focus on the two most common butt types/deficiencies we see in our practice. Just keep in mind that we want the butt to look like a bowl (open side down on a table) from top to bottom and side to side.

1. Tear Drop Butt – The most common is a tear drop butt which lacks fullness in the top and middle of the buttocks.
2. The next most common is a butt that may be full along the “butt crack” (intergluteal cleft) but from this point and beyond the desired continuous curve (bowl) falls off and is flatter.

With our skills and knowledge, we selectively design the necessary augmentation and then place the fat accordingly. Our approach is why we have treated patients from all 50 states and over 70 countries as well as some of the most famous people on earth. We know butts and butts are our business.

There is no doubt that women of the world are demanding Corporate Butts™ — it is you that set the trends and we are front and center on delivering.

Contact Dr. Matlock to discuss your butt goals and aspirations. 

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