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Liposuction Before and After Photos

Getting liposuction is a sure way to look better. But the definition of what’s “better” is subjective, so it depends on your standards whether you need to undergo liposuction.

Before deciding to undergo liposuction, read more about the procedure and learn as much as you can about the variety in results it produces.

Who Are Good Liposuction Candidates?

Great liposuction candidates are those who are within 30% of their ideal body weight. These individuals have a good fat-to-muscle ratio, an elastic skin, and a firm muscle tone. 

However, Dr. Matlock knows that only a minority of the population falls under this category. This is why he’s always happy to welcome patients of all sizes for consultation before undergoing a liposuction procedure. 

With the advancements in technology and the proven experience of Dr. Matlock’s clinic in dealing with liposuction patients, we’re sure to satisfy clients in achieving their realistic body goals. By working together with clients, we guarantee that they’ll get the best treatment that will bring out the best in their bodies.

Liposuction results vary, since each person has a different body structure. Factors like age, diet, and genetics may also play a part in the results, so you should set your before and after liposuction expectations. The kind of procedure also matters, as there are traditional and advanced procedures that Dr. Matlock offer to patients.

Dr. Matlock is a widely popular figure in the realm of liposculpturing procedures. You can easily find more about his work through our website or in other sources. If you want to see short videos regarding the liposculpturing procedure, check out our Instagram page.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Nothing tells a story better than pictures proving the efficiency of the procedure. Comparing before and after liposuction photos will help you see how much the body can change once the procedure is completed. 

The photos we’ll show below are from real patients. We asked for their permission to have their pictures posted as evidence that will help people see the difference that Dr. Matlock can make through the application of different body procedures. 

These photos will help you determine whether Dr. Matlock is as good as people say. These will also aid in determining the type of liposuction suited to your goals.

As you look at the liposuction before and after photos below, focus on those that are close to your body type. This will set realistic expectations on the results you can get from the treatments Dr. Matlock provide.

•  Traditional Liposculpturing
Manual liposuction has been popular for decades as a way to remove small or large areas of excess fat. It can also tighten loose skin to repair sagging. 

Traditional liposculpturing is the most basic among procedures that utilize the same concept. It can be considered low-tech as it uses the most basic equipment for extracting excess fat.

With traditional liposculpturing, a cannula with a small diameter is used to suck out fat from the tissues. After removing fat from deep and middle tissue areas, Dr. Matlock tweaks superficial fat to produce smooth, pleasing contours.


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•  Vaser-Assisted Liposculpturing
Vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance – this is what VASER stands for. The procedure uses similar processes involved in traditional liposculpturing with the addition of a Vaser probe on the fat layers.

Using vibration, fats are separated into globules, emulsifying fat layers into a thin, liquid-like substance. This makes the excess fats easier to remove. The liposculpturing procedure also produces less bruising and swelling to the tissue with this method.

Because the Vaser technology disrupts fat using vibration energy, Dr. Matlock can produce more refined results with less trauma. The Vaser also helps to significantly tighten skin by up to 50%. The procedural and post-op benefits of Vaser-assisted Liposculpturing have made it the go-to procedure for most of Dr. Matlock’s liposuction patients.


•  Vaser Hi-Def Liposculpturing
Vaser Hi-Def Liposculpturing is one of the most advanced liposuction methods available today. It was developed by a famous plastic surgeon who is a friend of Dr. Matlock. 

Vaser Hi-Def sculpts the body to make the abdominal six pack, obliques, pecs, lats, biceps, triceps, and deltoids more defined. 

The procedure can’t be executed just by anyone as it requires intimate understanding of the patient’s physiology and anatomy, in addition to surgical techniques focused on bringing out the aesthetical beauty of the muscular structure. 

Men are often the clients who request for the Vaser Hi-Def Liposculpturing. But recently, Dr. Matlock is getting increasing inquiries from women regarding the procedure. Regardless of the client’s sex and physical structure, Dr. Matlock knows what to do to bring out the best sculpted, athletic body they desire.


•  Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck is an advanced liposuction procedure that incorporates skin tightening to improve the abdominal muscle tone. It’s also called abdominoplasty and is often given to women who want to restore their figure after pregnancy.

Multiple childbirth can cause the abdominal muscles to loosen and create sagging of the excess skin. Liposuction alone won’t get rid of these excess skin and fat, so an abdominoplasty is recommended to tighten the skin and improve the tummy’s look. The result of the Tummy Tuck procedure is a flatter and smoother belly button with a natural-looking shape and contour as presented in the liposuction before and after photos below.


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•  Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding®
This liposculpturing technique was created by Dr. Matlock to help dedicated athletes achieve a true “pro bodybuilder” physique. It focuses on naturally bulking up already-toned muscle groups such as the deltoids, biceps, triceps, lats, and calves.

As a more innovative version of the Vaser Hi-Def Liposculpturing, the Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding® utilizes the advantages of the former, plus augmentation methods to produce more defined muscle mass. The procedure is useful for muscle equalization of patients with muscle asymmetry.

With Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding®, the fat is collected and processed for implanting procedures. The live fats are then injected into desired muscle portions that clients want to augment and beautify. 

Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding® is for men and women with good muscle tone and minimal excess fat who want to achieve more athletic-looking muscle definition. Patients often come to Dr. Matlock to sculpt their chest, abdomen, shoulders, back, and arms to give these areas more streamlined contouring. You can clearly see the difference in the liposuction before and after photos below.


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Dr. Matlock takes the liposculpturing procedure seriously. He approaches each surgery like an artistic challenge and not just a simple process of removing excess fats and tightening the skin. His dedication to the craft clearly shows on the liposuction before and after photos. You can see the incredible attention to detail on the photos of the body of the patients presented above. 

We can show you all the liposuction before and after photos and tell you everything there is to know to describe how wonderful Dr. Matlock’s liposculpturing methods are. But at the end of the day, there’s only one way to found out how effective our liposuction procedure is.

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Matlock now and discuss your health and aesthetic concerns, as well as your desired results. He can tailor-fit a liposuction surgery plan suited to your needs.

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