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Laser Vaginal RejuvenationⓇ is More Effective than 10,000 hours of Kegels

What’s better than 10,000 hours of Kegels? 
Laser Vaginal RejuvenationⓇ with 90210 physician, Dr. Matlock, the pioneer of vaginal rejuvenation. 

Many mothers complain that after childbirth, they’re less satisfied in bed. Their sex life suffers, and consequently, their intimate relationships plummet as well. Eventually, their self-esteem hits rock bottom. Press pause on lackluster sex. Ratherthan a war of the roses or costly divorce, you can move with clarity, empowerment, and intention, as there is a way to get your pre-pregnancy vagina back! 

In less than 1.5 hours, you can reset your va-jay-jay back to its 16-year-old self. Gynecologists might attempt to minimize your concerns and shoo you away, or perhaps prescribe some sort of Kegel strengthening device. This miniature apparatus is inserted inside the vagina, and by squeezing, it is thought that women strengthen their vaginal floor. In theory, this sounds great, but most of our patients have found that it doesn’t work for them. 

Holistic gurus and social media influencers hawk marble yoni eggs across digital platforms with the promise that you’ll be able to experience an orgasm just by mastering control of your vaginal muscles. Much to the dismay of many women, the results are minuscule, with many frustrating hours, months, and even years, lost.

Increase Sexual Satisfaction with Vaginal Tightening

After pushing out a 7 to 10-pound baby, the vaginal muscles are stressed and stretched to capacity. Although some women are able to regain their pre-pregnancy snatched waist, they are never able to achieve the level of vaginal tightness they had before motherhood. A gym membership and hours with a personal trainer won’t help your situation, either. Kegels are a waste of time. Yoni eggs are awkward and provide minimal results for vaginal tightening. Our clients come to us expressing feelings of decreased sexual satisfaction. When the ‘walls’ are stretched, there is less friction which results in less stimulation. Once LVRⓇ is completed, you can go back to living your best sexual life. 

Enhance Vaginal Appearance

Many agree that being a mother is the most important job on earth, but tell that to your self-esteem. Many of our patients are embarrassed by what they describe as a  ‘sagging’ vaginal appearance. It is normal for the inner and outer labia to become stretched after childbirth. A woman’s body experiences a great deal of trauma during the gestation and birthing process. But it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks; what matters most is your opinion and comfort within your own body, and Dr. Matlock can sculpt the labia to your desired perfection. Patients that have undergone this treatment often exclaim that their vaginas look like new. Take a look at our Laser Vaginal RejuvenationⓇ before and after photos and see for yourself. If a virginal vagina is what you crave, contact Dr. Matlock’s office for a consultation.  

Symptoms of Stress Urinary Incontinence

What is Stress Urinary Incontinence, also known as SUI? This is how nature thanks you for performing a miracle. If you’re consistently having ‘accidents’ when you exercise, laugh, cough, or sneeze, Dr. Matlock has the cure. Patients come to him after the embarrassing leaks become too much. You don’t have to suffer. If you’re wondering how to fix Stress Urinary Incontinence, book an appointment with Dr. Matlock. LVRⓇ is 96% effective and a quick outpatient treatment is all it takes. 

What is LVRⓇ?

LVRⓇ is an acronym for Laser Vaginal RejuvenationⓇ. David Matlock is a pioneer in female genital cosmetic surgery. In fact, his Laser Vaginal RejuvenationⓇ treatment is trademarked by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, along with 19 other registered trademarks for his life-altering procedures and tools. LVRⓇ works by tightening the vaginal and perineal muscles. In 1.5 hours your vagina is significantly enhanced in form, function, and appearance. After one week of rest and recuperation, you may return to work. 

Your body was built for more than childbirth and male sexual gratification. While many consider motherhood to be the most profound experience any human could have, ultimately, you are a sexual being with your own ideas and beliefs about how you want to live your life. It’s not over once you become an empty nester. What do you do with all that time in between? Our goal is to empower women with knowledge, choice, and alternatives. With LVRⓇ, you have options, alternatives, and choices.

Benefits of Laser Vaginal RejuvenationⓇ

Patients report that they enjoy sex more with their partners. As a result, they enjoy a level of intimacy that they haven’t experienced in years. Because the vaginal and perineal muscles are tightened, patients report a healthy level of friction that allows them to experience sex on another level. No more accidents when you laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise. Instead of ‘droopy’ lips, patients express that the appearance of their vagina is in alignment with their physical ideals. 

How Does Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Work?

Dr. Matlock will strengthen the top, bottom, and exterior vaginal muscles using a very precise laser for all the cutting and dissecting. Sutures are used to repair and tighten the muscles of the top, bottom, and perineum. This involves anterior and posterior repair. There is no need to remove the sutures because they are absorbed by your body. As a result, friction increases, which allows for more enjoyable intercourse. In women, the mind, body, and spirit must be in sync to experience the most intense climaxes. Without vaginal repair, the mind and spirit may be in the right space but if the vagina is not functioning as you desire, sex will continue to be humdrum. 

Combination Procedures

In the time it takes you to get a good workout, you may opt to undergo LVRⓇ along with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Some women combine LVRⓇ with Liposculpting, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, reduction or lift. Designer Laser VaginoplastyⓇ, G-ShotⓇ, BotoxⓇ, BellafilⓇ, and Sculptra AestheticⓇ is also an option. Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you want to maximize your time, combining treatments is a smart option. 

Who is Dr. Matlock?

You may be familiar with Dr. Matlock from the show, Doctor 90210. Or perhaps, you’ve seen him on the View, BBC, or The Doctors. Dr. David Matlock is a pioneer and trailblazer of female genital cosmetic surgery. He has treated some of your favorite celebrities and is highly sought after. With over 38  years of experience under his belt, he has patients from all 50 states and over 70 countries. More than 435 surgeons from 45 nations have sought his expertise and training. With decades in the field, Dr. Matlock has successfully treated over 10,000 people. Surgical vaginal rejuvenation isn’t the only treatment he specializes in. Dr. Matlock is known the world over for beautiful, natural-looking Brazilian Butt Lifts, Vaser High Def Liposculpturing, Advanced Surgical BodybuildingⓇ, and liposuction correction. Royal families and billionaire corporate executives sing his praises… Within elite circles of course. 

Though we help A-list stars, including Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, AMA, and Emmy award winners, we treat all our patients like royalty. You are welcome to book a consultation today for Laser Vaginal RejuvenationⓇ (LVRⓇ). Our team of medical professionals will work with your schedule. Whether you’re traveling across town or the ocean, we will make it a priority to accommodate your needs and desires.

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