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How To Get That Coveted Snatched Waist

Snatched waist, Instagram-worthy waist, itsy-bitsy Instagram waist, influencer model waist – whatever you may call it, the important thing is its shape and how it can improve your confidence as a woman.

By definition, a snatched waist is the modern term used to describe the figure that a corset or any compression garment creates. A snatched waist resembles a frame similar to the figure of number 8 where the shoulders and hips are made more prominent because of the slim waistline.

Below is a picture of the most coveted snatched waist on social media. Her figure is the envy of all and the personification of what a figure 8 body looks like.

coveted snatched waist

The model in Fig. 1 is an influencer who is the prime example of someone with a snatched waist. It’s so perfect that it can almost be considered an art form.

How can you get that coveted Instagram-worthy Snatched Waist? It must be a secret of the stars, right?

Dr. Matlock’s Snatched Waist Sculpting

Dr. Matlock is the leading surgeon who celebrities consult for a Snatched Waist procedure . He’s trusted by A-list celebrities not only because he’s incredibly good at what he does but also because he can keep things confidential. He’s the best-kept secret that only a few celebrity cliques have the privilege of knowing only through word of mouth.

Needless to say, Dr. Matlock has treated countless A-listers in the entertainment industry  including winners of Academy, Golden Globe, Grammy, Emmy, and American music awards, as well as other prestigious award-giving bodies. His clientele is so extensive that it includes presidents, royalties, Fortune 500 executives, and billionaires from all over the world.

Dr. Matlock’s Snatched Waist Sculpting method uses a variety of equipment and procedures, including:

  • A $20,000 MicroAire Power-assisted Liposuction

Liposculpturing  is the most physically demanding cosmetic surgical procedure. It requires the continuous, piston-like pumping of the arms and shoulders of the surgeon to suck out fat.

The MicroAire Liposuction device mimics the surgeon’s arm movements to help reduce manual labor. This lets the surgeon focus on the sculpting process instead of the liposuction procedure.

  • A $185,000 Vaser unit

Vaser, which is short for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance, is an ultrasonic device that breaks down fat through vibrations. Dr. Matlock’s Vaser procedure uses a combination Vaser-assisted liposculpturing , Vaser Hi-Def , and Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding  liposculpture for maximum effect.

To paint the picture clearer, imagine several grapes hanging on a stem, with the grapes representing fats. The Vaser separates the grapes from the stem and emulsifies them for future use. The result is a more toned body with less fat and a fat reserve that can be used for grafting procedures like Brazilian Butt Lift.

Aside from the liposculpturing benefits, Vaser offers other advantages like:

  • A $121,000 J-Plasma Renuvion

The Renuvion is a revolutionary technological advancement for intraoperative skin tightening. J-Plasma Renuvion  is a game-changer and produces 50-60% skin tightening. It also induces long-term collagen generation and deposition in the skin to achieve a youthful look.

Oftentimes, Dr. Matlock uses all the technologies discussed to achieve the ultimate results for patients like you. You heard that right. He’s willing to spend $326,000 worth of technology just to give you the best look possible.

Before discussing how the snatched waist is achieved, you have to know about the four body types first. This will help set your expectations to the extent the procedure can shape each body type.

four body types
four body types photos

The A-shape is the most conducive body type to achieve the ultimate, Instagram-worthy snatched waist. The next viable body shapes are the round shape, followed by the square shape, and finally the V-shape.

The closer the body type is to the A-shape frame, the higher the chances to get the perfect snatched waist. The further your body type is from the ideal form, the harder it is to perform the Snatched Waist procedure.

Still, the same surgical method is used to achieve the perfect, Instagram-worthy Snatched Waist, regardless of the body shape. As with all surgical procedures, expect varying success because the final form will also depend on how much change your body can handle.

Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have the ideal body type to get the perfect snatched waist. Dr. Matlock has numerous solutions to get you as close as possible to that snatched look you’ve been dreaming of. Just be optimistic and realistic about the situation, and everything will play out just fine.

How It Works

The Snatched Waist procedure sculpts the fat, but we can’t do anything about your natural musculoskeletal system. This means that if you’re big-boned or muscular, there’s nothing we can do to modify these areas.

Let’s discuss the word ‘illusion’ first as it’s related to how we change your body to have an Instagram-worthy Snatched Waist. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of illusion is a misleading image, such as in an optical illusion. It can also pertain to something that deceives or misleads the brain. It can also refer to a perception of something that exists in such a way that makes you misinterpret its actual nature. 

Now, consider the figure below.

Illustration of Illusion

In the figure, the length of line A is equal to that of line B. This is a prime example of an optical illusion.

So, when you look at the picture of the beautiful Instagram influencer wearing a leather skirt with a desirable snatched waist in Fig. 1, rest assured it’s not an illusion. She actually has a very tiny waist that’s probably the figure you want to achieve.

So, where’s the illusion here? Because of her snatched waist, it gives the illusion that she has broad shoulders, voluptuous hips and outer thighs, and a tight, supple butt .

With Dr. Matlock’s Snatched Waist procedure, you can have all of these assets for real and not just as parts of an illusion.

Body figure

As discussed, the A-shaped body frame is the best form to obtain the ultimate Snatched Waist. But we’ve achieved varying degrees of success dealing with other body shapes for this procedure.

Refer to Fig. 3 as we discuss the areas that need to be sculpted. For the procedure, we’ll have to make a subcutaneous pinch that’s about a centimeter in length which isn’t any longer than this red line – ____.

These are the areas that need to be sculpted to obtain the perfect, Instagram-worthy Snatched Waist.

  1. Abdomen 
  2. Iliac crest. This should be made as small as possible for the Snatched Waist procedure. 
  3. This should be made as small as possible for the Snatched Waist procedure. 
  4. Mid-thorax, just below the lateral thorax. This should be made as small as possible for the Snatched Waist procedure. 
  5. Lateral thorax or bra fat. This should be made as small as possible for the Snatched Waist procedure. 
  6. Posterior axilla 
  7. Infra axilla 
  8. Sacral 
  9. Posterior arm. This will enhance the shoulders’ broadness. 
  10. Lateral arm. This will enhance the shoulders’ broadness. 
  11. Brazilian Butt Lift
  12. Fat transfer to hip and possibly the lateral thigh. This will enhance the broadness of the hips. The need for fat transfer depends on the available fat on the hips.

The video above shows the most important areas in the body marked for the Snatched Waist liposculpturing procedure. The areas marked in red are further treated to create the perfect Instagram-worthy Snatched Waist you see in advertisements.

Now you know about Dr. Matlock’s exclusive Instagram-worthy Snatched Waist procedure. Rest assured that we can turn your dreams to reality – you’re put to sleep during the procedure and you wake up with an enviable Snatched Waist.

To get that Snatched Waist, email us at info@drmatlock.com  or call us at 310-862-6786 .

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