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Butt Reduction Revisions

Celebrities made the ultra-large and luscious butt a must-have for women wanting to make the most of their rearview. Full. Firm. Well-rounded like a bowl. Butt augmentation can be a big benefit, whether you simply want more of a good thing or you want to buff up a rear end that is too flat, asymmetrical, starting to sag, or just not as nicely contoured as it could be.  

So, what you wanted was a fashion-forward buttocks. But what you got was bad butt surgery. Cosmetic surgery is serious business. It requires skill and experience. Your best chance to get the outstanding results you envision is to get surgery that’s done right the first time. The right procedure, from the right surgeon.

What can go wrong with butt surgery?

Botched surgery

You went to another surgeon and did not get what you expected. Your butt still doesn’t look nicely contoured and firm. Or you got an implant that’s plenty firm but it’s not well-positioned with the fat surrounding it, so your bottom still looks saggy instead of plump and attractive. (By the way, Dr. Matlock never uses implants because they’re too hard and unnatural. Using fat transfer – your own fat cells – allows him to precisely contour your buttocks.)

Self-inflicted problems

Pump parties have become a “thing,” though a very dangerous thing. Injecting silicone gel intended for automotive, construction and other uses into your body is illegal because the product is toxic. Depending on the situation and the damage from the illegal product, revisions can be extremely difficult. However, Dr. Matlock has had a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with these problems. The best thing is to never have these illegal products injected into your body at all. 

Dr. David Matlock is well-known internationally as one of the cosmetic surgeons who popularized the Brazilian Butt Lift. His experience and proficiency with this surgery is unparalleled. For many women, he can perform butt revision surgery to repair problems or disappointing results from a previous butt augmentation procedure.

However, some women have come to decide that there is such a thing as too much booty. That butt augmentation that seemed like a great idea at the time now seems excessive. For some women, genetics are to blame for overly-generous buttocks. These women come to Dr. Matlock to ask about butt reduction revision surgery.

When is less better?

If you work in a high-powered business environment, for instance, a somewhat svelter contour looks, well, more businesslike. Dr. David Matlock has coined a phrase for this: the Corporate Butt™. The goal is still the same – a butt that is bowl-shaped, firm, smooth, and natural-feeling. Just not so big. You may be a candidate for Corporate Butt™ surgery, whether you’re looking for less or going for more.


If you’re feeling too big in back, butt reduction revision can give you a behind that is firm and shapely to be sure, but a bit less obvious – appropriate for the boardroom as well as the beach. On the other hand, your butt may require augmentation to achieve the youthful, aesthetically pleasing shape you desire.

It’s up to you

Ultimately, it’s your body, so whatever size bottom you prefer should be the overriding factor, whether you’re considering augmentation or reduction. The ideal butt is aesthetically pleasing – nicely rounded, top to bottom and side to side. Firm, but natural-feeling. However, it has to be the right size, too. If there’s too much butt behind you, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matlock about revision surgery to accomplish a butt reduction.

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