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What are Cankles?

A cankle is a slang term that combines the words calf and ankle. When you have cankles, you’ll find it hard to differentiate the calf from the ankle. An ankle that looks like a continuous cylinder or a trunk is called a cankle; some also call it sausage legs.

Most likely, you haven’t seen your ankles and calves for years. Others may have noticed it, but it’s possible that you don’t, no matter how hard you search for it.

Have you seen the show “Everybody Hates Chris”? From what our patients say, not a single soul loves having cankles.

Causes of Cankles

When you have cankles, you’ll have a hard time finding your ankles. Why? Because it’s covered in fat!

So, what causes cankles? Here are the major factors that play a part in having fat cankles.

  • Genetic predesposition

Women have noticed that cankles have something to do with genetics, since they often observe a similar trait in their mothers, sisters, and relatives. While some are born thin, some are more prone to obesity. Structural differences in physical appearance is hereditary and there’s only so much you can do to alter it through natural means.

Weight loss programs are best for obese and overweight individuals. In the process of losing excess fat, you’ll most likely get a thinner body frame.

However, exercising and doing weight loss regimes are often futile since cankles are resistant to these methods. If you’re overweight, you can lose excess fats through exercise, but you can’t target an area for fat loss. Spot-reduction isn’t possible, especially for the ankles and calves.

  • Dietary habits

Eating food with high sodium content may result in your body storing more water. Doing away with processed and salty foods may make your body leaner, including your ankles and calves.

According to studies, 80% of your health and wellness depends on what you eat. Even if you exercise daily or you’re born with a fast metabolism, failure to monitor your eating habits might cause cankles, in addition to other medical conditions.

  • Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body produces up to 50% more fluids and blood to supply the baby’s needs. The excess fluids can settle on the tissues and joints to soften the body and help it expand and prepare for birth.

A pregnant woman can have cankles due to poor blood circulation. This often happens during the third trimester when they stand or sit for long periods without much activity.

  • Medications

In rare cases, medications and certain types of surgeries may cause the ankles to swell. The gradual swelling of both legs, and sometimes the feet, are symptoms you should look for. If you can make a dent on your legs just by using your thumbs, you may have excess fluids in your limbs.

Why People Want to Get Rid of Cankles

Typically, the ankle area should be thinner than the calf to create a defined proportion. According to podiatrists, the average size of the ankle of women is around 10 to 11 inches.

You shouldn’t worry about cankles if the swelling isn’t caused by any medical problem. Several research institutes say that cankles isn’t considered a medical condition.

Still, no one can deny that cankles are extremely unappealing several ways. It can limit your fashion choices since you’ll have to be selective with what you wear. You’ll most likely look for something that will hide your fat cankles. As a result of all these, it’s not unusual to lose self-confidence and sex appeal for having cankles.

People with cankles prefer not to show their legs. They just choose to wear pants or dresses that extend beyond the ankles to hide their sausage legs. Some may even have a hard time wearing boots because they don’t fit comfortably over the calves and ankles. It’s as if they’re robbed of the option to wear dresses, shorts, boots, sportswear, or even high heels because they can’t get rid of their cankles.

For many women, there’s nothing more confidence-boosting than wearing high heels with well-defined calves and ankles. Knowing that you can wear anything you want and not worry about hiding those legs is liberating.

The good news is that there’s a solution to get rid of cankles.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Cankles

There’s a different treatment for cankles caused by underlying health conditions. Consulting your physician should be your priority if you notice irregularities in your ankles and calves.

Regular exercise and diet can only do so much to reduce fat cankles, especially if you’re genetically predisposed to that kind of body structure. The most effective way to get rid of cankles is through special liposuction procedures offered by cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Matlock.

Dr. Matlock offers a surgical solution to get rid of cankles. Our cankles treatment involves micro-liposculpturing techniques that can strategically remove excess fats and completely define the calves and ankles.

The operation involves making two incisions on the target area not longer than this line —. One of the incisions is done on the outer side of the leg, while the other is made on the inner side of the junction between the calf and the ankle.

We strongly recommend that you choose wisely the doctor that will perform the cankles treatment. The right surgeon has to have a lot of experience in performing this type of procedure since the calves and the ankles are two of the hardest areas of the body to sculpt. Complications and irregularities can easily develop if the operation isn’t perfectly performed.

Dr. Matlock’s cankles treatment consider the entire circumference of the calves and the ankles in analyzing how to bring out their natural beauty. The aim is to bring out the best look of a well-defined calf and ankle.

The cankles before and after photos below are from of our patients who have received cankles treatment. You’ll be amazed at the huge difference of the cankles before and after the operation is performed. They’re proof that our method works in bringing the best aesthetic results.

candles before and after

These are intra-operative photos of patients who have undergone Dr. Matlock’s cankles treatment. These were taken during the operation to emphasize the drastic difference between the treated and the untreated calves and ankles.

Here are more before and after photos to prove our point.


These are pre- and post-operative pictures of patients with cankles. You can see that the treated legs have a more aesthetically pleasing look. If you have cankles, looking at these photos will assure you that there’s a solution to your problem.

After receiving cankles treatment, you have to let your body heal for 6 weeks. After that, all you have to worry about is how to fill your wardrobe with new clothes. You won’t be able to help it since you can now flaunt your well-defined legs in all glory.

Get Rid of Cankles Now

So, is there nothing you can do to get rid of cankles? The only way to completely get rid of those cankles is through liposuction. Dr. Matlock offers cankles treatment that can permanently rid you of those sausage legs. While you’re at it, you may want to consider getting other procedures to further enhance your figure.

Dr. Matlock has treated patients with fat cankles from all 50 states and over 70 countries worldwide. His clientele includes A-list Hollywood stars and prominent figures from all over the world. Rest assured you’re in good hands in enlisting him as your doctor.

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Matlock now and talk about your cankles problem. Know how you can work together to achieve that well-defined legs you’ve been dreaming of.

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