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VASER-assisted Liposuction Vs. Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction has been safely used to help men and women achieve their desired look for decades. This time-tested technology can produce powerful results that restores a more youthful appearance while helping you regain confidence, and look and feel your best.

But as time has elapsed, technology has improved. While Dr. Matlock still offers traditional liposuction, also known as liposculpturing, to patients at his Beverly Hills office, cutting-edge technology allows him to offer an advancement in liposuction technology: VASER-assisted liposculpturing. 

In this blog post, we will highlight the differences between VASER-assisted and traditional liposuction to help you make the best decision for your body and goals. Further, during your consultation with Dr. Matlock, he will discuss in detail your goals and challenges, to help you achieve your desired look. 

Traditional Liposuction: An Introduction

Traditional liposuction is used to enhance contours and create a refined look on specific areas of the body. It is not a substitute for weight loss, rather, it helps to further refine your desired appearance. Candidates should be in good general health, at their desired weight, and able to maintain that weight. 

During traditional liposuction, a solution of saline, a local anesthetic, and a vessel-constrictor are pumped below the skin in the area where fat is to be suctioned. Dr. Matlock then uses a small suction tube called a cannula to suck out the fat. 

VASER-assisted Liposuction: An Introduction

As with traditional liposuction, VASER-assisted liposculpturing is used to enhance contours and create a more toned look, and is not used as a substitute for weight loss. Candidates should be in good general health, at their desired weight, and able to maintain that weight. VASER-assisted liposuction can be performed on the same areas as traditional liposuction.

With VASER-assisted liposculpturing, Dr. Matlock injects a solution into the body area being treated. VASER-assisted liposculpturing uses ultrasound high-frequency vibration to break fat cells apart. Dr. Matlock inserts VASER ultrasonic probes into the fatty tissue to gently break down fat cells. The vibration gently disengages and loosens the fat cells and ultimately emulsifies the tumescent fluid that has been infused into the body area. Once the emulsification is in process, a small cannula is used to remove the liquid and the fat cells. 

Differences Between VASER-assisted and Traditional Liposuction

The difference in technology produces different results for traditional and VASER-assisted liposuction, including:


Since VASER-assisted liposuction uses ultrasound vibration to break up the fat to be removed, it is less arduous to remove the fat than with traditional liposuction. As a result, patients report less discomfort after VASER-assisted liposuction than traditional liposuction. With that in mind; however, it’s important to note that an anesthetic will be used during either procedure (and other pain-relieving methods can be prescribed) to minimize discomfort after any form of liposuction. 


During traditional liposuction, Dr. Matlock uses the cannula itself to break up fat for removal. This is a more physically-demanding way to break up and remove fat compared to VASER-assisted liposuction and results in less swelling and soreness during recovery. 


Using the VASER machine during liposuction also stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen, a natural protein that helps create smooth, tight skin. Collagen production naturally decreases as we age, which can lead to saggy skin and an older appearance. VASER-assisted liposuction doesn’t just remove fat, but it stimulates collagen production, tightening your skin (results in 53% more skin tightening) over time and creating an overall smoother, tighter appearance than with traditional liposuction.


The VASER machine is state-of-the-art (truthfully, if it were a car, Dr. Matlock would drive it!). As a result, the cost for VASER-assisted liposculpturing is higher than for traditional liposuction. 

Dr. Matlock can help you achieve your desired look.

Contact us today to learn more about VASER-assisted liposuction and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Matlock.

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