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The Creation of Female Modern Art Through Vaser Hi Def Liposculpturing

Liposculpturing is an Art

Sculptors work with stone and wood as their canvas in their daily projects. Dr. Matlock works with the human body — this is his canvas. The daily tools used in Dr. Matlock’s art work is the Vaser and the Liposuction Cannula. 

These tools create a blend of muscles and femininity resulting in a beautiful masterpiece of female modern art. 

This art form is not a common skill you can acquire easily, it takes practice and technique learned over years of practice and performance. And that is exactly what Dr. Matlock has done. He has been mastering the Liposculpturing technique for 30+ years!

Here is Dr. Matlock’s process for Liposculpturing success:

  1. In order to create beauty you have to understand beauty.
  2. Just like any great artist, one has to have exceptional skills and experience to consistently produce artwork.
  3. The quality of the medium the artist works with plays a factor in the quality of the results. For example working with fine Italian marble is completely different than working with clay. This holds true for patients working with Dr. Matlock too. If a patient “brings to the table” an ideal weight, excellent skin & subcutaneous fat elasticity, good muscle tone, exceptional diet, and exercise routine then this is optimal for results.
  4. The pre-operative surgical marking of the body and muscular structures slated for definition are much the same as what the sculpture does in preparation of the marble with roughing out.

The best tools in the best hands give the best results. Dr. Matlock uses the Vaser which is an ultrasound. Vaser actually stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy with Resonance. The Vaser is first used to treat the bottom, middle, and superficial fat. The heat from the vibratory aspects of the device results in heating of the skin and thereby produces 53% more skin tightening over traditional liposuction (one of the many advantages). Other advantages includes less bruising, swelling, and pain. 

To understand the affect of the Vaser, imagine the fat as grapes on the stem and the vine. The Vaser shakes the bunch of grapes off the vine and then releases all the grapes. 

After Dr. Matlock uses the Vaser he will use the cannula to remove the fat. Using the Vaser makes this part of the process go much smoother and easier in comparison to tradition liposuction. Note that liposuction is the most physically strenuous cosmetic surgical procedure. Dr. Matlock will use various types of cannulas to aesthetically remove the fat from the deep, middle, and superficial fat with his precise techniques (much like a sculptor). He will finish things up by fine tuning and chiseling out the muscular structures to create a modern work of art ready for display. 

This is how Dr. Matlock has become a famous artist in cosmetic surgery community. Vaser Hi Def Liposculpturing is an art form with specific tools and techniques to make the body chiseled and ripped. And Dr. Matlock is an expert artist of this advanced art technology. 

Get the body you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Matlock has helped some of the world’s most famous and beautiful people. He can help you reach your goals too. Contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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