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Introducing J-Plasma Renuvion: Our Revolutionary New Skin Tightening Technology

Do you know what the bottom line of all cosmetic surgery is, regardless of whether it’s a surgical or non-surgical procedure? It’s all about youth and looking young!

Do you see any loose or sagging skin on the fitness models below? NO!


A big question from patients that seek liposculpturing procedures like Vaser-assisted liposculpturingBrazilian Butt LiftVaser Hi-Def Liposculpturing, or a combination of these procedures, is what can be done about relaxed or loose skin. 

Loose skin is one of the first signs of aging. Aside from aging, weight loss and pregnancy are two of the common causes of skin loosening. Loose skin can be often seen on the legs, stomach, buttocks, arms, neck, and face. 

Having loose skin can be frustrating and it can harm your self-esteem. While there are many factors to the development of loose skin, it’s a given that once you have it, it can be difficult to reverse.

All hope is not lost, especially when you have Dr. Matlock by your side. Through Renuvion, we can bring your skin back to its healthy form and make it look like you never aged.

What is Renuvion?

Renuvion, an intraoperative skin tightening procedure, is the next best thing since sliced bread was invented.

We want you to understand what makes Renuvion the superior technology for an intraoperative skin tightening procedure. It adds the ultimate skin tightening dimension to all liposuction procedures concomitant with skin loosening. 

But before we proceed with how Renuvion works, and how it’s far superior compared to other procedures, we must first define the difference between normal, healthy skin, and loose or relaxed skin.


In the cross-section of normal skin, you can see that it consists of the dermis, epidermis, and subcutaneous layers. There’s also the areolar connective tissue in the subcutaneous layer that contains the fibroseptal network. Renuvion will contract all these layers by 50% to 60% to create younger-looking skin.


In Figure 2, you’ll notice the left portion showing a younger skin that has a smooth epidermis and a dermis filled with elastin and collagen. On the opposite side, the aging skin shows a wrinkling epidermis which is caused by the lack of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Renuvion works its skin tightening magic by contracting the collagen and the elastin. Additionally, the long-term application of Renuvion can induce the production of collagen which is the primary component for developing younger-looking skin. 

There are numerous skin tightening technologies that include body contouring and liposuction. However, we’ll be focusing on Renuvion which we found to be far superior to other alternatives in terms of safety, effectiveness, and results.

What Makes Renuvion Better Compared to Other Liposuction Methods?

The wound healing process is divided into four intersecting and interconnecting states: (1) hemostasis, which controls the bleeding by clotting the blood; (2) inflammation, which calls for white blood cells to fight the bacteria and remove the debris; (3) proliferation, wherein specialized repair cells undergo collagen deposition to cover the wound; and (4) remodeling, where the tissue regrows and gains flexibility to complete the healing process.

The liposuction procedure shrinks and tightens the skin by around 10% through the removal of fats, the generation of collagen, and the natural healing process of body scars.

Renuvion generates energy that impacts the fatty subcutaneous layer of the skin, causing contraction and skin tightening by at least 28% – a percentage greater than what liposuction can do. Technological advancements in skin tightening produce are bound to happen, and Renuvion is the beginning of it.

It’s known that loose skin results from loss of binding between the skin and the underlying fascia that covers the muscles; loss of binding can also be observed in the deep superficial fat compartments in the skin where fat is suctioned. 

This means that skin tightening can be achieved by targeting the support structure of these areas which is known as the fibroseptal network or FSN. This is what Renuvion targets in a unique, efficient, and safe way.

Why is Renuvion the Rolls Royce of Intraoperative Skin Tightening?

Renuvion’s cool helium plasma utilizes radiofrequency technology to pull the skin closer to the underlying fascia by shrinking the FSN or the interstitial connective tissue bands. 

Below is what the Renuvion generator and handpiece looks like.


What is Renuvion’s “cool helium plasma?” 

Before we understand how Renuvion’s wonder technology works, we must first tackle the definition of plasma. We’ll be revisiting what you learned from your school for this.

Plasma is defined as a hot ionized gas consisting of an approximately equal number of positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons. The characteristics of plasma are significantly different from ordinary neutral gasses, like helium, in their natural and unaltered state. 

This distinct property is the reason why plasma is dubbed as the fourth state of matter. Some examples of plasma are lighting, welding arcs, stars, the tail of a comet, and the excited, low-pressure gas found inside neon signs and fluorescent lights. 

Renuvion also makes use of plasma by stimulating helium and radiofrequency energy. The procedure used for Renuvion is called cold plasma because it reaches temperatures that can cause skin tightening and then it rapidly cools down to normal temperature, making it the safest method for protecting the skin from thermal injury.

The following steps will give you an overview of how Renuvion’s cold plasma works in contracting the skin tissue. 

1)    A helium gas tank is attached to the Renuvion generator. This feeds neutral-state helium gas to the pen-like equipment called the monopolar electrode pictured in Fig. 3.

As the gas gets to the tip of the equipment, radiofrequency energy is released by the Renuvion generator (also depicted in Fig. 3) and excites the helium atoms to the point that it reaches the fourth state of matter we discussed as the plasma. Heat is then released during this process for a very brief moment. This shift from one state to another is extremely short-lived, which means heat is applied to the skin for a momentary duration only.

The short-lived existence of plasma is highly conductive to radiofrequency energy, allowing us to apply it into the skin tissues very rapidly.

2)    The plasma touches the tissue and heats a very thin layer of it that’s no more than two-tenths of a millimeter; that’s nowhere longer than this red line –. 

3)    The skin is heated up to a temperature of 98.6°F to 185°F in just a lightning-quick 0.2 seconds. You can see this in action through the video demonstration below.

At this temperature, the collagen contracts by up to 60% in just 0.044 seconds, resulting in the tightening of the skin.

After this, the skin is rapidly cooled down to normal temperature in just 0.3 seconds. 

Since the treated portion of the skin and the FSN of the tissue are almost instantly cooled to baseline temperature, there are no side effects or any scarring caused by heat injury.

Renuvion is a revolutionary technology that instantly heats the skin and then cools it down back to normal temperature faster than a blink of an eye. No other technology can do this for the skin tightening procedure. This makes Renuvion extremely safe and effective in preventing skin burns. Other devices for skin tightening pose risks of causing skin burns, creating injuries that must be treated using other means.

The conductive resistance of the treated portion of the skin tissue skyrockets to therapeutic temperatures. This allows the plasma to travel the path of least resistance, resulting in a more efficient application that treats deeper layers of the tissue. This makes the cold plasma method introduced by Renuvion far superior in terms of quickness and efficiency in tightening the skin compared to other methods. 

Additionally, tissues will contract immediately after the application of heat. Over the next 6 to 12 months, you’ll see drastic improvements in your skin’s condition due to the production of new collagen (also called neocollagenesis). This is another positive effect of Renuvion which induces the natural healing mechanism of the body through the quick application of heat and plasma energy.

The short video below demonstrates how Renuvion works in action.

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