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How to Get That Itsy-Bitsy Instagram Waist

Known as the itsy-bitsy Instagram waist, a snatched waist makes the whole body look more balanced. How? By narrowing your middle to make your shoulders and hips more defined, resulting in that ultra-symmetrical, figure-eight look. 

Every day, patients come to Dr. Matlock’s office asking how to get an itsy-bitsy Instagram waist fast. Yes, things like diet, exercise, and a whole lot of ab crunches might help keep a tummy firm, but there’s very little that anyone can do to change the natural contour of their waist without a little help. One of the very best ways to get a tiny, snatched waist is with a waist-sculpting procedure called liposculpturing

Liposculpturing Is the Secret to an Itsy-Bitsy Instagram Waist

A gentle, effective option like Liposculpturing helps zap fat, producing a streamlined look in the abdomen, waist, back, thighs, and arms. This treatment helps get rid of love handles while narrowing the waist for an oh-so-itsy-bitsy look.

Known as Dr. Matlock’s 360 Lipo, liposculpturing doesn’t just remove fat the way that traditional liposuction does. The instrument shapes and streamlines your waist to get that tight, petite, “snatched” look as fat is removed. The beauty of getting sculpting done over trying to use “tricks” like corsets or contouring undergarments is that you don’t have to feel like you’re faking it. You’re getting authentic results that you can show off when wearing a bikini without the feeling that you’ll be exposed as soon as all of your supportive undergarments come off. There’s no pretending with sculpting because that itsy-bitsy Instagram ideal is your actual waist now!

What Does a Liposculpturing Procedure Involve?

Surgeons use suction to create a snatched waist that has that streamlined, ultra-firm look with minimum remaining fat. However, a very precise sculpting technique happens during the suction that creates that curvy, work-of-art finish where all of the snatched curves and contours are in just the right proportions. If you’ve seen photos of celebrities who had liposuction ten years ago, you may have noticed that they only looked slimmer instead of looking shapelier. That’s because doctors simply didn’t have the technology to create the enviable contouring that they can produce now. Thanks to new technology, procedures like liposculpting remove fat and contour the body. 

With liposculpturing, Dr. Matlock goes beyond just “sucking out” fat by applying specialized body contouring techniques, he sculpts the body much like an artist sculpts in various mediums. As the fat hardens, it expands to allow him to shape your form as though he is sculpting marble. Fat is contoured to create a very intentional, curvy result based on the patient’s desires. The tumescent fluid also helps reduce bleeding, bruising, and trauma to the area to allow for much faster healing. That means that patients are generally more comfortable both during and after the procedure than they would be with another form of fat removal. To apply the suction, a cannula is attached to the suction/sculpting device. The shape of the cannula allows Dr. Matlock to remain in full control of how and where fat is being removed and restructured to ensure that your final results are a work of art. 

Which Areas Can Be Treated With Liposculpturing?

Dr. Matlock performs various types of liposculpturing procedures including liposculpturing, Vaser-Assisted Liposculpturing, Vaser Hi-Def Liposculpturing, Liposuction 360, and Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding™.  Both the Brazilian Butt Lift or our Corporate Butt â„˘ can be performed with any of these procedures. 

Generally, liposculpting can be used to create contouring throughout the tummy, love handles/waist, outer thighs, inner thighs, knees, bra fat, back fat, buttocks, arms, front of the things, back of the thighs, calf, and ankles.

For anyone who has a specific area of stubborn fat that they feel is causing their shape to be out of proportion, now’s the time to discuss options with Dr. Matlock. Whether or not fat in a specific area of your body can be removed may come down to your shape and fat composition. 

Getting the Itsy-Bitsy Instagram Waist Through Liposculpturing: What Does It Take?

Using liposculpturing to get that itsy bitsy waist that you’ve seen on Instagram requires the help of an experienced surgeon with an exceptional aesthetic eye. This isn’t just about “thinning out” your middle. You’re really creating a completely new shape using meticulous detailing work. One of the first surgeons to offer clients the famed Instagram-worthy snatched waist, Dr. Matlock has perfected this technique, creating enviable middles for some of the world’s most recognizable stars. 

Getting Within Reach of the Itsy Bitsy Instagram Waist: Who Is a Good Candidate for Liposculpturing?

While Liposculpturing is a fantastic procedure, it’s not right for everyone. Dr. Matlock has some guidelines for what he’d like to see before approving a patient for this procedure. Liposculpture removes fat, however, it’s not a weight-loss surgery. Rather, the focus is on perfecting the figure through strategic contouring and fat removal instead of removing large amounts of fat around the midsection and hips. Ideally, a candidate will be within 20 to 25 pounds of their optimal weight. People with good skin elasticity are good candidates for liposculpture. This allows them to achieve results that truly make them look like they were born with the perfect figure without intervention via nips and tucks. 

Planning a Liposculpturing Appointment? Here’s What to Expect!

As covered earlier, a tube called a cannula is inserted using tiny incisions. Negative pressure is then applied via a suction pump to clear out fat. Options like anesthesia and sedatives are used to increase patient comfort. Unlike ultra-invasive cosmetic surgeries, liposculpture won’t leave you entirely down and out. However, you will need to plan to take a few days off from work or similar obligations. You’ll also be instructed to avoid exercise while you’re recovering. Before your streamlined, picture-perfect midsection taking form, you might have a few weeks of swelling. If you’re getting liposculpture in anticipation of an event like a vacation, wedding, media event, or bikini photoshoot, it’s a good idea to book your appointment two months before the needed “reveal” date to ensure peak results!

The Scoop: Want Even More Amazing Results From Liposculpturing? 

Want to feel even more confident and amazing? Consider pairing lipo with a treatment called J-Plasma Renuvion skin tightening. This innovative treatment results in 50 to 60 percent more skin tightening. It’s a perfect pick for someone self-conscious about mild to moderate loose skin. For people who have lost weight to get a bikini-ready body, J-Plasma Renuvion skin tightening can be essential for getting everything looking tight and neat. Many patients achieve nearly supernatural results by pairing liposculpting with J- Plasma Renuvion in one procedure!

Liposculpturing Results: Before and After Images

While it’s easy to talk about Liposculpturing, a picture speaks a thousand words that can easily lead to hundreds of thousands of likes on social media! Check out some amazing before-and-after pictures that show off how this procedure creates instant star power. One glance at these before-and-after shots shows how liposculpting turns great bodies into smoking look-at-me-now revenge bodies!

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