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HOw to prepare for your first Visit

Fill Out Patient Intake Form


Please read and complete your patient intake form prior to your first visit. These forms will include: inquiries regarding your medical history, a questionnaire about any symptoms relating to your pelvic health, and learning more about your overall health. A description of what you may expect during your initial visit is presented in this document.

If you prefer for us to mail you the patient intake form, please let us know when you call to schedule your first in-person visit so we can send it to you in advance.

Step 2: How to get to our offices

We highly recommend arriving 20 minutes early to your appointment to ensure we can comfortably check you in and get any ancillary information we need.

Our Address:
9201 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 406
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Please park in the building; we have valet services that will park your car for you. If you have a driver, we recommend having them pull up in the parking garage so you can discreetly arrive at our offices.

Follow Up After Your Appointment

Step 3: Follow up after your appointment

After your first in-person appointment, we will follow up with the following information:

  • A summary of your visit
  • Our recommended treatment plan
  • Lab results for any tests conducted

If you have any questions, we’re always here to help! Please don’t hesitate to send us an email, or call/text.

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