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Designer Laser Vaginoplasty®

Designer Laser Vaginoplasty® or DLV® is a comprehensive category of aesthetic vulvar procedures designed by Dr. David Matlock to restore a youthful appearance and confidence and help you feel your best.

This page has been developed to help you understand Designer Laser Vaginoplasty® and make the best possible decision for your desires and goals. If you’re unsure which vaginal cosmetic surgery is right for you, we’re here to help! Book your free consultation with us to get the answers you need.


All about Designer Laser vaginoplasty® (DLV®)

Why do clients choose DLV® procedures?

Dr. Matlock created Designer Laser Vaginoplasty® (DLV) procedures to help women feel their most confident. Pregnancy, childbirth, weight loss, aging, and more can affect the appearance of your vulvar structures.

DLV® can restore a more youthful appearance, turning back the clock and helping you feel more confident. Below, we will outline the following:  
Each signature DLV® procedure
Information on how to prepare for DLV®
What post-op will look like
What results you can expect
If you would like us to walk you through this process, schedule a free virtual consultation with Dr. Matlock and his team!

Explore the various Dlv® procedures

Pre & Post-Op Prep

The first step toward a life with enhanced sexual gratification and treated SUI is to schedule your consultation with Dr. Matlock.

We conduct our virtual consultation with clients around the world from our office in Los Angeles. We meet with clients over the phone, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. Dr. Matlock offers significant flexibility to ensure patients who wish to experience the life-changing benefits of Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® have that opportunity.

During your consultation with Dr. Matlock, you can expect to:

Discuss your body goals and aspirations.
Prior to your initial consultation, think about the goals you’d like to achieve. What specific concerns do you have with your body and why? Be prepared to discuss the details of your medical history, so that Dr. Matlock can prepare a customized treatment plan just for you. This also allows Dr. Matlock to maximize your one-on-one time during the consultation.

A list of questions you have about LVR® or other cosmetic procedures that Dr. Matlock offers.
We will be sure to set aside plenty of time so you can ask Dr. Matlock all of your questions. We encourage you to share your goals openly and ask all questions without inhibition.

Discuss your medical history.
The consultation will be inclusive, cover your medical problems, the reasons why you are seeking a consultation, and a physical examination if you are local. If this is a virtual consultation, we will ask you to share these details so Dr. Matlock can review them prior to speaking with you.

Discuss pricing and scheduling information.
During the consultation, we will discuss pricing and coordinate scheduling when you are interested in moving forward in undergoing this procedure. We will also create a comprehensive treatment plan so you get the best results!

Recovery, like surgery itself, is an individual process. Nonetheless, there are certain things all our DLV®patients can expect:

  • During surgery, you will be given a pudendal block. This is a local nerve block that will control post-operative pain for the first 18-24 hours. You will receive a narcotic medication and a lidocaine rectal suppository to help manage your pain after the pudendal block wears off. The medications you receive will effectively control any discomfort.

  • You may also apply ice to the vulvar areas and perineum for the first 48 hours to minimize swelling, with 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off.

  • If you have had Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® that includes treatment for incontinence, you will have a urinary catheter for the first four days. The catheter will attach to a small bag worn on your leg where it will fit under a skirt or dress or loose pants.

  • You will have to abstain from sexual activity for six weeks.

  • No exercise for six weeks. This includes stretching, spinning/cycling, pilates, yoga or weightlifting.


After six weeks, you will be able to resume all physical and sexual activities. Naturally, if your operation includes additional cosmetic surgical procedures, the details of your post-operative care instructions will reflect that.

Every woman is different, so each patient’s results are uniquely her own.

We make it a priority to inform all our patients on the risks and complications of the procedure(s) being considered. The risks for Designer Laser Vaginoplasty® (DLV®) risks are extremely low. The primary risks are bleeding and infection; the likelihood of this occurrence is less than 1%.

Our DLV® procedures ultimately provide what our patients desire, which is a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing vaginal structure and appearance. Dr. Matlock has pioneered the DLV®, which set the highest industry standard in the female genital cosmetic surgery industry.

If Dr. Matlock will be performing non-surgical as well as surgical procedures, your ultimate results will depend on the full
range of work done.

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